Head office: H-6066 Tiszaalpár, Vasút körzet 2/a



06-30/529-9547 László Kovács




The activity of our company is the production and repair of canning parts and machines within machine cutting.

- manufacture, renovation and conversion of vacuum sealing machines

- manufacture, renovation and conversion of crushing machines

- manufacture, renovation and conversion of a stripper

- maintenance of various loading and unloading machines. manufacture of tools.

- manufacture of lid dispensers (FA 85)

- complete repair of locking machines

- manufacture of a vacuum chamber

We fulfill the unique needs and ideas of our customers, such as the production of gears, the production of curved gears, ribbed shafts, as well as heat treatment, tanning, metal spraying and hardening.

Our products can be found not only in domestic but also in foreign markets / Russian, Ukrainian, Serbian, French.

Our market position is stable in the given field of activity. This is supported by continuous, returning orders from both domestic and foreign customers.

Our qualified staff on our machines fulfill the orders quickly and accurately.

We strive to meet the needs of our customers quickly, accurately and in good quality by meeting the deadline.